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Event Permit Application

  1. Event Permit Application
    Persons or Organizations seeking permission to hold an event on public streets and highways within the City Limits of Garden Ridge are required to submit this application NO LESS THAN 30 days prior to the scheduled date of the event.
  2. Upon receipt and review, the Sponsor, Organization or Individual submitting the application will be contacted by the Office of the Chief of Police. If, for any reason, the application is disapproved, the submitting entity may appeal the decision to the City Administrator of the City of Garden Ridge. Their decision will be final. Please fill out the information below.
  3. Include number of cars, officers, traffic control devices, etc to be provided by the City.
  4. Permit fee of $25.00
    Please call City Hall at (210)-651-6632 to pay the permit fee. There will be an additional charge of 3% for using a credit card. If you wish to submit a check or cash, then please mail them to City Hall.
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