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Sign Permit Application

  1. Information:
    List the contact information of the applicant.
  2. Who is erecting the sign?
  3. What is the building, structure, address, or legal lot and block to which or upon which the sign is to be attached or erected?
  4. Is the Applicant the Owner of the Real Property where the sign is to be located?*
  5. This indicates position, height, and size of the proposed sign and other existing advertising structures on the property
  6. Specifications for construction and display
  7. This contains information as to safety and structural integrity of the sign. The city assumes no liability for safety and structural integrity of any sign
  8. Copy of the permit approved by the state department of transportation, the state transportation commission, the county or successor agencies, if state law requires a state permit
  9. List any variance or special use permit that will be requested and specify reason for the variance or special use permit:
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