What are the Major Provisions of the City Charter for Garden Ridge?

The Charter Commission desired to create a Charter which maximizes local control over City governance, minimizes changes to existing structure, and creates new opportunities for local control.

Major Provisions-General

Form of Governance: City Council-Manager

Powers of the City: All powers and rights of “self-government and home rule that exist now or may be granted to municipalities by the Constitution and State of Texas”

Major Provisions-City Council

City Council Composition – same as current

  • Mayor and five City Council Members
  • Mayor elected at large
  • City Council Members elected at large but by Place 

Terms – same as current

  • 2 years

Vacancies – same as current

  • 1 vacancy – appointment by Council or special election
  • 2 or more vacancies – special election

Mayor and Mayor Pro-Tempore – same as current

  • Mayor may participate in discussion
  • Mayor only votes in event of a tie

Meetings and Quorum  - same as current

Passage of Ordinances

  • Some minor administrative procedural differences relative to processing
  • If Mayor disagrees with an Ordinance, Mayor may file a statement of written objections requesting Council reconsider the vote on the ordinance - new


  • City Council may “initiate an investigation into the affairs of the city and the conduct of any city department, office, or agency” - new
  • City Council may only “deal with City Officers and employees solely through the City Manager” – consistent with existing City Ethics Ordinance

Major Provisions-Departmental Services

Establishes office of City Manager

  • Responsibilities similar to and consistent with those currently authorized by City Council for the City Administrator
  • Responsible for “administration of the affairs of the City”
  • Council appoints and may be removed by a vote of the majority of the full City Council

Establishes Municipal Court

Establishes City Attorney

Other offices as determined upon a recommendation of City Manager and approval of the City Council – same as current process

Major Provisions-Nominations and Elections

Provisions consistent with current practices and procedures

  • Must be in accordance with State Law – same as current
  • Elections decided by who gets the most votes – same as current
  • Elected official takes office after canvass and upon taking the oath of office – same as current process

Major Provisions-Recall, Initiative, and Referendum

Recall, Initiative, and Referendum are new authority granted to citizens. These provisions are not available to General Law Cities. See "What is Recall, Initiative, and Referendum?" for detailed information.

General and Legal Provisions and Transitional Provisions

Standard legal provisions on severability and wording interpretations

Disaster Clause – new

  • Provides details for the handling of a disaster situation in which “a legal quorum of the City Council cannot otherwise be assembled due to multiple deaths or injuries”

Transitional Provisions

  • Charter effective upon adoption by the voters
  • All elected officers continue to fill those offices
  • All ordinances remain in effect

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