City of Garden Ridge Ordinances No. 11 Section 4(a)(d) and 13 require that any person or entity engaging in or conducting a business within the city limits be in possession of a valid and current City of Garden Ridge “Business Permit”. The Business Permit application and fees are listed below:

   ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGE PERMIT: This includes any business or commercial entity involved in serving, providing or selling any alcoholic beverage in any business or commercial establishment in the City of Garden Ridge.

Beer and/or wine (Off Premises)  Annual fee/renewal $35.00

Beer and/or wine (On Premises)  Annual fee/renewal $60.00

Mixed Beverage (or Package Store)  Annual fee/renewal $100.00

     BUSINESS PERMIT:  This includes, but is not limited to, restaurants, medical and dental offices, realty offices, convenience stores, auto repair and maintenance shops, gasoline stations, welding shops, wholesale and retail sales outlets, industrial production entities and, in general, all types of commercial business operations except those subject to franchise taxes.

Annual fee/renewal $25.00                                                                             

HOME-BASED BUSINESS PERMIT:  Required of all individuals operating a business from a personal residence in the City of Garden Ridge.

Annual fee/renewal $15.00


Permit renewals will be applied for in December of each year and any permit not renewed prior to January 11th of the year following the expiration date on the permit will lapse.

If you no longer are in business, fill out your name, business name and address and write “no longer in business” on the form and return it.