Alarm Permits

Alarm Permit Fee 

Ordinance 53-022018 Section 6 requires that all alarm systems be registered with the City on an annual basis. If you are installing or have installed an alarm system in your home and/or business please complete the alarm permit application and submit the one-time $25.00 fee and is non-transferable.

Online Alarm Permit Application Submission 

Printable Alarm Permit Application

Click here to pay for your one time charge of $25.00 for your alarm permit.

Violations: In addition to false alarm fees, violation of Section 6 of the City Ordinance is subject to criminal prosecution as a Class C Misdemeanor.

False Alarm Fee/Penalties for false alarms: An alarm user shall be subject to fees for the signaling of a false alarm by a burglar alarm system during a twelve (12) month period as follows:

1-3 false alarms $0.00

4-9 false alarms $50.00

10 or more false alarms $50.00 and permit revocation

Alarm Permit Renewals

The renewal period is December 1st through January 31st of each year. No fee is required for permit renewals. 

Non-Emergency Dispatch: 830-609-3921