Chief's Message

I am honored to have the privilege of serving a community such as Garden Ridge. I am just as excited to have the opportunity to mentor and lead a group of officers who care deeply for this community and constantly strive to improve and provide the highest quality Law Enforcement to those who depend on us. We are the guardians of our community and take this role seriously.

The Garden Ridge Police Department is relentlessly working to improve the services we provide to our community through enhanced training and techniques which evolve around the philosophy of community oriented policing practices.

Through a rigorous training regimen, we develop our employees into some of the highest quality officers in the area. We take seriously our role of making you feel safe and secure, so you may focus on a quality of life above what other communities receive.

We offer various functions throughout the year in which I encourage you to come, participate, and get to know the officers of your community on a more personal level. These activities will build the bond between the community and your officers adding to your peace of mind knowing there are those who truly care out there performing these duties.

I look forward to a continued alliance and atmosphere of mutual respect for many years to come.


Ron Eberhardt

Chief of Police