Solicitor Permits

City of Garden Ridge active Solicitor Permits:

Moxie Pest ControlLandon Thorn01-196/26/2020
Moxie Pest ControlZachary Lemmon02-196/26/2020
Moxie Pest ControlKonnor Knudsen03-196/26/2020
Moxie Pest ControlJoseph Sterling Dusterhoft04-196/26/2020
Moxie Pest ControlKarson Knudsen05-196/26/2020
Moxie Pest ControlZane Arnold06-196/26/2020
Moxie Pest ControlJacob Weston07-196/26/2020
Moxie Pest ControlDelaney Knudsen08-196/26/2020
Moxie Pest ControlBenjamin Hughes09-196/26/2020
Moxie Pest ControlKyle Knudsen10-196/26/2020
Moxie Pest ControlMichael Wachob11-196/26/2020
Moxie Pest ControlEric Taylor12-196/26/2020


Solicitor permit applications may be obtained in person from the City of Garden Ridge front office, by mail or printable PDF.

Solicitor permits are NOT valid until the application and all required documentation is reviewed and approved by the City of Garden Ridge Police Chief. 

Refer to Ordinance 23 for additional information.