Mayor of Garden Ridge


The governing body of the City of Garden Ridge consists of a Mayor and five Aldermen (Councilmembers). The Mayor is elected at-large by the qualified voters of the municipality, and serves a two-year term. (Local Government Code Sections 22.031 and 22.035.) The Mayor presides at all meetings of the governing body of the municipality, and may vote only if there is a tie. (Local Government Code Section 22.037.)

The Mayor is the Chief Executive Officer of the municipality and may administer oaths of office. The Mayor ensures that the laws and ordinances of the municipality are properly carried out. The Mayor performs the duties and exercise the powers prescribed by the governing body of the municipality. The Mayor must provide to the governing body any information, and shall recommend to the governing body any measure, that relates to improving the finance, police, health, security, cleanliness, comfort, ornament, or good government of the municipality. (Local Government Code Section 22.042.)