Services of the Library


Overdrive is the electronic book system the library uses.  Usage is now easier with the introduction of Libby. This is an app and is very user friendly. If you have difficulty with Libby, please call us. Another user friendly app is SimplyE. Developed by The New York Public Library, SimplyE is a free, open source e-reader app that allows us to bring together our entire collection of more than 300,000 e-books and audiobooks and make them accessible all in one place. Look for the app on your app store.

Did you know...

We have volunteers who are ready and willing to bring books to your home and pick them up.  If you are disabled, even temporarily, let us perform this service to make your time spent at home more pleasant with good books.


Here is another great reason to be a member of the Garden Ridge Library...

TexShare Cards!

Patrons who have been members in good standing for six months (no late fees or problems with our books) may come into the library to receive a card which will enable them to go to another library to check out books there. For example, you may take this card to the San Antonio system and they will issue you a card to check out 5 items at a time. They currently charge our residents $200 a year to take books out from their facilities. This can save you much money.

However, don't forget that we have 16,000 books which you might wish to read before going there!