Drought Water Restrictions

The purpose of the Drought Management Strategy is to reduce water use during a drought. The City's drought management plan (Ordinance 61) outlines the goals and objectives.

The City of Garden Ridge uses water from both the Edwards Aquifer and the Trinity Aquifer to provide water to its residents. The Edwards Aquifer Authority is a regional authority managing water pumped out of the Edwards Aquifer and has set standards for its Emergency Water Use Reduction Program. Currently the Trinity Aquifer is currently an unregulated water source and the city relies on the Trinity Aquifer for the majority of its water resources.

The City of Garden Ridge has determined that certain restrictive measures are required to delay potentially serious water shortage problems from impacting to the detriment of the health, safety and welfare of the Garden Ridge community. Water savings that are targeted during declaration of various stages of drought are intended to be short-term measures capable of producing water savings over time periods ranging from one month to one year.

There are five levels of drought that can be declared by the Mayor. To view the Water Conservation Plan Stage table (click here).  The five drought stages include:

  • Drought Stage 1 (J-17 Well Level reaches 660')
  • Drought Stage 2 (J-17 Well Level reaches 650')
  • Drought Stage 3 (J-17 Well Level reaches 640')
  • Drought Stage 4 (J-17 Well Level reaches 630')
  • Drought Stage 5 - Emergency as declared by Edwards Aquifer

Note: While in Drought Restrictions, pool owners/contractors who fill or refill their pools must do so with outside water.