Court Rules

All persons entering the Court shall obey the following rules:

  • Dress appropriately
  • No talking in court unless addressed by the Judge or Court Personnel
  • No pocket knives, tools of any kind, or sharp objects (leave them in your vehicle)
  • Conduct himself/herself in a respectful and courteous manner
  • No signs of any type will be allowed in the courtroom
  • No food or drink items allowed
  • No electronic devices
    • Cell phones (must be on silent or off)
    • MP3 players, PDAs, cameras, laptops, Ipads should be left in vehicles or at home unless needed for your court case.

Reminder: If you are over 17 years old, you may be able to pay citations, process dismissal requests, or make arrangements for defensive driving, deferred disposition, or a payment extension before your court date. *** If under 17 years old you must have a parent or guardian with you.