Capital improvements advisory Committee


This committee meets as needed.


The City Impact Fee Committee is a recommending body with members appointed by the Garden Ridge City Council and consist of five appointed residents of the City of Garden Ridge. The current members are:

  • Shawn Willis - Planning and Zoning Representative
  • David Heier - Water Commission Representative
  • Walter Lamar - Building Industry Representative
  • Royce Simmonds - Real Estate Industry Representative
  • Wes Kleckley - Local Business Owner Representative


The City of Garden Ridge Impact Fee Committee reviews and recommends to the City Council adjustments to water impact fees and street impact fees that are assessed on development in the city.

The City of Garden Ridge has adopted a water system capital improvement plan (water master plan) and a transportation system evaluation and street master plan (street master plan). Each plan assesses fees known as impact fees to support the infrastructure of the respective plans and the increased demand that is placed on infrastructure created by development in the city.