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Services of the Library
Here is another great reason to be a member of the Garden Ridge Library...
                                        TexShare Cards!
Patrons who have been members in good standing for six months (no late fees or problems with our books) may come into the library to receive a card which will enable them to go to another library to check out books there.  For example, you may take this card to the San Antonio system and they will issue you a card to check out 5 items at a time.  They currently charge our residents $200 a year to take books out from their facilities.  This can save you much money. 

However, don't forget that we have 16,000 books which you might wish to read before going there!

Texas Talking Book Program

Free Audio Books,  Texas Talking Book Program

Who is eligible?

 Texans of all ages who:

  • Are legally blind
  • Have prescription glasses, yet are unable to read standard print material without additional magnification devices
  • Have physical limitations that prevent them from holding books or turning pages
  • Have reading disabilities of an organic origin, as certified by a medical doctor (M.D. or D.O.)
  • Have severe chemical allergies that prevent them from reading a book

The disability may be permanent or temporary.  Many patrons have used this service while recovering from strokes, challenged with severe fatigue due to illness, in hospice, recovering from severe accidents, etc.  As long as they currently meet one of the qualifying disabilities, they may be enrolled with a temporary disability.

You can receive books and magazines:

  • By mail on digital audio cartridge, in large print or Braille
  • By download to a USB flash drive or digital cartridge using Braille and Audio Reading Download (BARD)
  • By download to certain portable devices using the BARD mobile app

How do I apply?

If you meet one of the criteria above, fill out an application and have it certified.  Download the application at

For more information or to have an application sent to you:

Call toll-free: 1-800-252-9605                                              In the Austin area, call 512-463-5458

Write to us:  P.O. Box 12927, Austin, TX 78711-2927            Email:


Contact the Garden Ridge Library.  We’ll be happy to help:

Call: 210-651-6570                                                                Email:      

Don’t let a reading disability keep you from enjoying reading.  Let great books illuminate your world.