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The Bookend Report
Suggested Reading List for Adults

Suggested Reading List for Young Adults

Suggested Reading List for Children

Read and Review
Do you know that we would love to have your opinion on book titles.  You can write a review on each book that you read. 
~Go to the Catalog page.  In the upper right hand corner log into your account.  (Remember: no spaces or hyphens in either your telephone number or library card number. Also, if you have a "210" area code, you only need the seven digits of the number.  All other area codes must use all 10 digits) You can close that box after it tells you that you are logged in.
~Find the name of your book in the catalog list.
~Click anywhere on the line that has  the name of the book on it, and a box like this will appear.

~Click on the "Review this title!" button.  Others will be very interested in what you think of the book.  If you don't feel like writing a lot, you can give is a 1-10 rating. You don't even have to put your name on the review; you can use your first name only or a nickname.
~Give us your honest opinion even if you hate it.   That's what people like!  It will be extremely helpful.

What should I read next?
If you like a particular author's writing, sooner or later you will run out of his or her work.  Did you know that there are several websites which can help you in looking for another writer, but who will be similar to your favorite one?

You can simply google "authors similar to ______" for a host of ideas.
Or, use one of these really good sites which can help you find what you are looking for:  A very easy-to-use site that does just what its name implies.  This gives hundreds of authors.  They are listed by themes (holidays), by locale, and by professions.  On this site you will find "cozy" mysteries - those without gore and violence.  This is organized by the protagonist's occupations, and the authors are Texans. Click on Read-alikes. 
There are many, many more sites to find new authors.  Of course, our library won't have all the books and authors recommended.  BUT, it will help you know what to give us for Christmas!


I think I've read this before.
Did you know...
...that we can tell you if you have read a book before?  Now you won't ever have to get home and realize that you've already read the book you just checked out.  Ask the librarian to help you. 

...that we get Consumer Reports online?  You can use it from any computer.  Go to; the user I.D. is "GRlibrary"; password is "Cgrl2008." 

...that you can donate your books to the library?  We only ask that they be fairly new (less than 20 years old and preferably 10), and in excellent condition.  Please, nothing that has been stored in a garage which has dust and bugs!   Also, we can't use textbooks, Reader's Digest books, VHS tapes or any magazines, not even National Geographic.

...that your library wants to serve you?  Let us know any way we can help you or any programs, books or movies that you'd like to see added to our collection.