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Water Department Service Representative I

Job Summary for Water Department Service Representative 1

This work involves the construction, maintenance, repairs and operation of city water plants and distribution systems.  Has limited responsibility for the preparation of reports and records; has daily contact with the public; makes numerous work decisions weekly (varying in complexity). Have basic knowledge of SCADA systems.

See Job Description for more details.
Employment Application

Patrol Officer
SALARY: $21.32/hr (approx.)

OVERTIME: 1 ½ time hourly rate
VACATION: 10 days per year
SICK LEAVE: 10 days per year
HOLIDAY PAY: 8 hours extra pay for each City Holiday; 1 Floating Holiday per year
RETIREMENT: Texas Municipal Retirement System (City Contribution: 2 to 1) 20 Year
CERTIFICATIONS: $25 / month - Intermediate
$50/ month - Advanced
$100 / month - Master
LONGEVITY: $10/ month - For each full year of service
UNIFORMS: Furnished by Garden Ridge Police Department
WEAPON: Furnished by Garden Ridge Police Department
EQUIPMENT: Furnished by Garden Ridge Police Department
INSURANCE: Employee Dental and Medical Insurance paid by City
12 HOUR SHIFTS. Shifts rotate on 2 week cycle allowing 3 day weekend every other weekend.