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The Library gets a Facelift!
As many of you are aware, the library is undergoing a facelift. While it is currently a charming facility, it will get a fresher, more modern look. New shelving will arrive and be installed August 7-8. In preparation for this exciting development, we will get new paint.

Prepping and painting will take place this week: Thursday, Friday and Saturday (July 27-29). That means we are closed, of course. There are no books due on those days, but we hope that you will come in soon to be sure you have reading materials during those days. We don’t want anyone to get the shakes without something to read! We apologize that selections will be limited since we must pack many items in order to make the move.

We thank you for your patience during the transition!

We have many people to thank for making this happen.

A special thanks to Sergio Martinez’s company Help-U-Sell for generously supplying the paint.

We are also grateful to the Lions Club for taking on the challenge of doing the actual painting. There is a large group of Lions plus other volunteers led by Dick Holloway who are donating time – that very valuable commodity – to do this. Where there’s a need, there’s a Lion!

Our gratitude goes out to the Library Volunteers, a cadre of dedicated people who have done a lot of heavy lifting packing boxes and rearranging shelves.

There will be a special Open House Sunday, September 17, 2-4 pm to show off our new library.

Local History Project
Be sure to order your book of our history:
     Garden Ridge: A Look at the People, Places and Times

Our Online Catalog Has a New Look
When you go to the library's catalog page, you'll notice some significant changes. Although changes mean a small learning curve, don't worry - you are going to enjoy using it. 

The first thing people will notice is the string of books crawling across the page.  These are new arrivals to our library, both hard copies and ebooks.  If you click on one which is an ebook, you can download it directly from the window which comes up if your account has previously been set up.

 Below that are two columns.  Under the yellow column is a list of electronic catalogs.  Remember that OverDrive is the list of current books, while Gutenberg is a list of older, out-of-copyright date books (but still interesting).  LibriVox is a list of downloadable audio books. 

 Under the green column entitled “What’s Hot,” there are two headings.  One is for Most Popular books right now.  If the book is highlighted in green, it is currently available; pink means that it is checked out.  However, if it is pink, you can click on it, then click again on the the hard copy version (not the OverDrive copy), and reserve it on the spot.  The other heading, “What’s New,” gives you a more complete list of what books have just arrived in the past week up to two months.

At the very bottom is a turquoise line.  The button  labeled “Visit Us” has our hours along with a map.  “Contact us” gives you the option of calling or emailing us.  “Language” gives you a choice of Spanish, Vietnamese and French.  Did you know we had that? 

Once you get used to the new look, you will really enjoy using this catalog page.  As always, if you have any questions, feel free to ask.  We'll do our best to clarify it. 

Remember that we have EBooks available through our library.  We know that many of you have already  been enjoying this technology, and we hope to encourage more of you to join in the eReader craze.  Perhaps some of you will be given Kindles or other eReaders this Christmas.  To learn more, look at the main Library menu to your left at "eBooks on Lone Star OverDrive."  

If you would like step-by-step instructions for your reading device, please call the library or email us, and we will send you very specific directions for obtaining books:  651-6570;

Our hope is that this may be used by many people.  Get those Christmas Kindles out and fire them up!  This has been brought about by the generosity of the Lions' Club,  Garden Ridge Women's Club,  and Knotty Knotters.  We applaud these organizations for all they do for our entire community.  The best way to show our thanks is to use this gift!