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Bots & Books Are Here


The first six-week course is just finishing.  Both Kiddos and parents have enjoyed working on this program together.  It is a great time for bonding and problem-solving together.

The next session will start March 7.  Registration is a must!

                                The Bots and Books program, featuring LEGO WeDo robotics kits, combines math, science, engineering and programming with the library's mission to foster a love of reading and writing.  This started in January, 2017.  It is a great time for parents to bond with a child as they have a fun and educational time.  Limited space -- Registration and library membership required.

PAWsitive Reading Program

The PAWsitive Reading Program

Have you ever read to a dog? Dogs like to be read to, even if they have their eyes closed.

 The PAWsitive Reading Program of San Antonio is an official national Reading Education Assistance Dogs® (R.E.A.D.) program. Research studies have shown that children whose reading scores lag behind their peers suffer from a fear of reading aloud in the classroom.

 This program improves children’s reading and communicating skills by employing a powerful method: reading to a dog—but not any dog. R.E.A.D. dogs are registered therapy animals who volunteer with their owner/handlers as a team and go to schools and libraries as reading companions for children.

When a R.E.A.D. dog is listening, a child’s dread is replaced by eager anticipation and learning occurs. The handler is a skilled facilitator, shifting performance pressure away from the child and providing support.

When children read to dogs the experience is magical—

there is no other way to describe it!

Registration to Read with Shiraz is required!  Shiraz will be at the library every Wednesday from 3-5.  Have questions?   
Please call Kelly @ 210-651-6570  

Parent Chat Time

Parents Are Totally Special!


Drop the kiddos off at school and head for the library.  Yes, the Garden Ridge Library!  We are having Parents (and/or GRANDparents) and Breakfast Tacos.  This will also be a time to get acquainted and share ideas, questions and concerns which are common to all parents.

February 19 at 7:45 a.m.
Bunny slippers optional!
In order to have plenty of tacos, please register by calling the library  at 651-6570

Local History Project
The Library is getting close to finishing the local history of Garden Ridge.  We are hoping to have it ready for printing in April or May, just in time for the 45th anniversary of the City's incorporation.
If you have any stories to tell us, we will record and transcribe them.  If you have any writings, newspaper clippings, legal documents or old photographs, won't you consider sharing them with us?  We will make copies and return the originals to you immediately. 

If you have writing or editing skills or the ability to organize materials, you could be a huge asset in working on this project. 

Our dream is to publish a volume of our history.  It will be a wonderful book to pass on to your children and grandchildren, as well as for newcomers who don't know the history of this area. 

Call the library at 651-6570 with any of these items! 

Bookplate Program
Christmas in July was a successful beginning of our bookplate fundraiser, thanks to wonderful patrons.  However, July wasn't the only month in which to participate.  This is an on-going project, one which we hope you'll remember when you wish to do something special for someone else.

                    Name that Book!
Purchase a bookplate and leave an enduring mark on your community.  When you donate $25 to the Garden Ridge Library, your name and the name of a person you choose to honor will be printed on a bookplate and placed inside the front cover of a book of your choosing or you may leave it to us to select the book.  Everyone who reads that book will be reminded of the selected person and of you.
     You may wish to buy a book for a newborn child, to celebrate graduations, anniversaries, birthdays and all holidays.  You don't have to choose to honor anyone; you may purchase a bookplate simply because you wish to support the Library.  Your name will still be used on the bookplate as the donor of a book.

                  Easy, Convenient and Affordable
     You may come in during the month of July and see the various bookplate designs to make a selection, or we will be happy to work with you in designing a special one.   
     While we are using July to jump-start the program, this fundraiser will be ongoing throughout the year. Remember, this is tax-deductible

Our Online Catalog Has a New Look
When you go to the library's catalog page, you'll notice some significant changes. Although changes mean a small learning curve, don't worry - you are going to enjoy using it. 

The first thing people will notice is the string of books crawling across the page.  These are new arrivals to our library, both hard copies and ebooks.  If you click on one which is an ebook, you can download it directly from the window which comes up if your account has previously been set up.

 Below that are two columns.  Under the yellow column is a list of electronic catalogs.  Remember that OverDrive is the list of current books, while Gutenberg is a list of older, out-of-copyright date books (but still interesting).  LibriVox is a list of downloadable audio books. 

 Under the green column entitled “What’s Hot,” there are two headings.  One is for Most Popular books right now.  If the book is highlighted in green, it is currently available; pink means that it is checked out.  However, if it is pink, you can click on it, then click again on the the hard copy version (not the OverDrive copy), and reserve it on the spot.  The other heading, “What’s New,” gives you a more complete list of what books have just arrived in the past week up to two months.

At the very bottom is a turquoise line.  The button  labeled “Visit Us” has our hours along with a map.  “Contact us” gives you the option of calling or emailing us.  “Language” gives you a choice of Spanish, Vietnamese and French.  Did you know we had that? 

Once you get used to the new look, you will really enjoy using this catalog page.  As always, if you have any questions, feel free to ask.  We'll do our best to clarify it. 

Remember that we have EBooks available through our library.  We know that many of you have already  been enjoying this technology, and we hope to encourage more of you to join in the eReader craze.  Perhaps some of you will be given Kindles or other eReaders this Christmas.  To learn more, look at the main Library menu to your left at "eBooks on Lone Star OverDrive."  

If you would like step-by-step instructions for your reading device, please call the library or email us, and we will send you very specific directions for obtaining books:  651-6570;

Our hope is that this may be used by many people.  Get those Christmas Kindles out and fire them up!  This has been brought about by the generosity of the Lions' Club,  Garden Ridge Women's Club,  and Knotty Knotters.  We applaud these organizations for all they do for our entire community.  The best way to show our thanks is to use this gift!