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Card User Information
Applying for a Card

Texas residents who live in the following zip codes and have proof of residence (i.e. a utility bill) may apply for a card, free of charge.  If your proof of residence is separate from your photo ID, your name must appear on the proof of residence to be valid.  P.O. boxes are not acceptable as proof of residence.  Anyone living outside these zip codes may apply for a card for $25 per year:

78266             78132         78154 IF your child attends GRES       

Your Library Card

You will be given a card and need to sign it immediately.  The number on the back is your permanent number.   If you lose it or if it is stolen, notify the library immediately.  Once notified, we will block the card so that it can no longer be used.  You remain responsible for all use made of your lost/stolen card prior to reporting it to the library.  There is a $5.00 replacement fee for lost cards.

Library cards expire 12 months from the date of issue so that the library may update patron information upon renewal.  Identification and proof of residence must be presented at renewal.  DO NOT throw the card away as it is simply updated on the computer – the card itself is reused. 

Checking Out Library Materials

You must have your library card in hand to check out materials, access computers, or access your record.  You are responsible for the safe return of all library materials checked out on your card.  You are responsible for any fines or reimbursement to the library for any lost or damaged materials. 

Normally items are checked out for 3 weeks. There is a limit of 3 DVDs, but as many books as you feel you can read during that time are allowed.  Bluebonnet Books and Women’s Club Books are checked out for one week.  Only two Bluebonnet books may be checked out at a time. 

Renewing and Reserving Library Books

You may renew library materials in person, by phone, or online up to 2 times, provided there is no waiting list for the item or it is not overdue.


You may reserve Garden Ridge Library materials in person, by phone, email or online.  You will be notified by phone or email when items that you have reserved are available for pick-up. Go online to or call 210-651-6570.   

Online Services
Your Garden Ridge Library proudly offers you online access from your home.  You may browse our catalog, renew books, and reserve items.  A limit of three reservations may be made.  You may find this online at To log into your account, you need to use your library card number and your phone number.  BE SURE THAT YOU HAVE GIVEN US ANY UPDATED PHONE NUMBERS! 

Overdue Materials

The library charges $0.25 per item per day for all overdue items.  There is a 7-day grace period in which no fine is charged if the item is returned during that grace period, but if the item is returned on the 8th day or later, the overdue fines are retroactive to the day the item was due.  Fines need to be paid in cash or check.

A book drop is available for after-hours return of materials. Items which are in the box by 10 am on the due date are not considered overdue. 

Our new automation system is a very positive addition to the library.  It will allow us to send you an e-mail three days before the due date and again, on the due date itself.  That way you won’t have any late fees.  Be sure that we have your e-mail address.

Lost and Damaged Items

You are responsible for reimbursement to the library for any items damaged beyond repair while checked out on your card.  The library charges the cost of the damaged item plus a $5.00 processing fee.  IF YOU ARE CHECKING OUT A BOOK THAT IS DAMAGED, CALL IT TO THE LIBRARIAN’S ATTENTION – DO NOT CHECK IT OUT. 

You are responsible for reimbursement to the library for any items lost while checked out on your card.  The library charges the cost of the lost item plus a $5.00 processing fee.  The processing fee is charged to recover part of the cost of reordering and processing a replacement copy and is independent of the original cost of the lost item.  Failure to return library items is considered theft by the library and the Garden Ridge Police Department.